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Missy’s Story

Missy Cowley

Your support at Red, White & Snow helps fund new possibilities for individuals of all abilities at the National Ability Center. Every dollar you donate and every hour you give helps participants like Missy Cowley discover possibilities while pursuing their dreams – be they for new skills and independence, or for the chance to enjoy recreational time with family and friends.

Missy Cowley was born with spina bifida and has used a wheelchair for mobility since she was two years old, but she has never let anything get in her way. At just four years old, Missy was on the slopes with the National Ability Center in a bi-ski with now program director, Tracy Meier. And it didn’t stop there. Over the last five years, Missy has attended summer camps and ventured out on horses in the Equestrian program.

Today Missy is almost 10 years old and skiing independently, but what she likes best about spending time at the NAC is that it gives her the confidence and ability to do anything she wants. In addition to being a skier, she is an avid athlete participating in baseball, fencing, basketball and tennis. When she’s not pushing her limits in sports, her desire for competition takes on a whole new look – fancy dresses and makeup – to participate in the Miss Amazing pageant and the Miss Wheelchair pageant.

The National Ability Center has not only been a gift for Missy, says mom Cindy, but also a gift for her parents. “We have had the opportunity to form a community as a result of being involved with the NAC. We have made friends who understand our challenges and celebrations. The other participants, the instructors, the staff… they have all become like family to us. Without the National Ability Center, not only would Missy not be the person she is today, neither would her dad and I.”

Wine on the Mountain 2016 #-48

Missy is a happy, outgoing girl with big dreams. She loves little children and she loves animals so she envisions becoming a teacher or a veterinarian. “The NAC has given Missy, and us, the ability to have hope for today and for the future. We see a time when Missy can have even greater independence and this is thanks to the National Ability Center.”