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Jamie’s Story

Jamie Crane-Mauzy

Your support at Red, White & Snow helps fund new possibilities for individuals of all abilities at the National Ability Center. Every dollar you donate and every hour you give helps participants like Jamie Crane-Mauzy discover possibilities while pursuing their dreams – be they for new skills and independence, or for the chance to enjoy recreational time with family and friends.

Jamie Crane-Mauzy grew up in Connecticut and first felt the fresh powder under her skis at age one. She enjoyed many years as a ski racer and was also an accomplished gymnast. After five days at an aerial camp, she was recruited for the U.S. aerial team. She later transitioned into becoming a slopestyle and superpipe skier. Her accomplishments include being the first woman to do a double flip in competition, flip off a rail in competition, and winning Junior Nationals and Junior Worlds.

Jamie was poised to take the competitive slopestyle world by storm, but those dreams ended on February 11, 2015 when she attempted an off-axis double flip during the 2015 World Skiing Invitational free skiing competition. She under-rotated, catching her skis in the snow and whipping her head down into the ground. The impact caused her to begin convulsing on the mountain and fall into a coma. The doctors did not expect Jamie to survive that first night, and on day ten, when she woke from the coma, paralyzed on her right side, doctors did not expect her to ever walk again. Clearly these odds had never met Jamie Crane-Mauzy.

Jamie proceeded to re-learn everything her brain and body had forgotten. She left the hospital after two months and continued with out-patient therapy. Then she found the National Ability Center (NAC), first on a bike, and then on skis. Jamie went on to volunteer with the NAC and then became a Universal Staff member. As she says, “I first learned what it felt like to have my life in someone else’s hands and then transition to having someone else’s life in my hands. That is very powerful.” According to Jamie, the NAC has been a critical part of her healing process the last two years.

Today Jamie is studying Communications and Business at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, UT. She spent a semester studying abroad in France, has her own podcast radio show, and travels the world as a motivational speaker. This vivacious young woman who exudes positivity is unstoppable as she teaches all of us very important lessons on what is possible.